Compassionate in-home end-of-life pet care

Charlottesville End-of-Life Veterinary Care  

Dr. Liz Palmer


I offer in-home, end-of-life care for dogs and cats in the Charlottesville, Virginia area. Services include general geriatric pet care, pet hospice care, and pet euthanasia. All appointments are done in the owner’s home. I work closely with the pet’s regular veterinarian when needed, providing regular updates if multiple home visits are required. Quality of life assessments are an integral part of examinations and can help owners decide when euthanasia is warranted. My approach to end of life care is relationship-based, emphasizing the human-animal bond.

Owners will have different reasons for choosing in-home end-of-life pet care. Some may have pets for which a trip to the veterinary clinic causes great anxiety. Other pets may have painful conditions that make it difficult to transport them to the clinic. When it is time for euthanasia, many pet owners feel that their home provides a more private and intimate setting.

End-of-life or hospice care provides palliative treatment for animals with terminal illness or debilitation associated with advanced age. Some of the more common problems of terminally ill pets are inadequate pain management, dehydration, reduced food intake, constipation, bloating, urinary incontinence or inability to fully empty the bladder. Pets of advanced age may have similar issues and often have behavior problems and insomnia as well. Proper intervention may improve these symptoms for a period of time, thereby improving quality of life of the pet and the owner.